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Welcome To My First Blog!

First I would like to introduce myself for those that may not know who I am. My name is Jasmine C White and I have been learning about investing for the past 12 years (I know I'm old lol). It all started when I read the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" when I was 18. (I URGE you to read this book because it really changed my life.) After reading the book, I immediately saved $6000 through the method of Paying Yourself First, which is the very first topic of my financial literacy course. It took me approximately 6 months to achieve this goal. At the time I was a bank teller and no matter what, I did not care who requested to borrow money, or if I wanted to purchase anything, or even if I was hungry. I WOULD NOT TOUCH MY SAVINGS #discipline Shortly after, I purchased my first Certificate of Deposit with Ally Bank. The term was for 11 months and I earned approximately $67 in interest. I was excited to watch my money grow on its own due to compound interest. I was ready for more in…

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